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What are the Most Important Aspects to Study the Growth Opportunities?

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Discovering significant opportunities and accomplishing them are the two vital skills in growth. The task of new members who join the growth team is to become engaged in new projects and execute them carefully. To make the growth more prominent, the members should discover great ideas and creative thoughts by gathering an idea to execute or analyze them.

It is significant to assess new ideas before executing them. It will help you to get the knowledge about how to find out the opportunities. There are four vital aspects- Hypothesis, Investment, Precedent, and Experience, determining the growth opportunities. Keeping them in mind while assessing growth chances can be very helpful.

1. Hypothesis

One must have an excellent hypothesis for evaluating growth. A few specific metrics can change it sometimes. Your hypothesis must consider the opportunity size. Simply put, you should keep in mind how many users will get affected by its characteristics. If an idea affects only a few people, it will not matter if it is very practical or not. Nearly all hypotheses belong to either the increasing intent or decreasing friction category.

2. Investment

It is significant to save time while investing to obtain growth. Being engaged in 1 project which takes ten days and has a value of 5k is not clever. But in growth engineering working on ten different projects which take one day each to complete and has a value of 10k is time-saving. The growth is tricky because if your experiment does not work out, you will have to start from scratch again with some experience. So having a hypothesis is not enough. You will have to compare it with the invested time too. Another thing to regard is the time, the feature to become developed, and the time it takes for maintenance.

3. Precedent

The previous experiments done by your team or in the industry get monitored by precedent. When you are starting, there will be no experiences or results to learn from. So you will be left only with one choice, experimenting with what fits in your industry. But as time passes by, you can gain knowledge and it depends on your experiment to come out. Growth engineering helps to determine the precedent. Every product is different, has unique features and targeted customers. So industry results are not as worthy as your previous experiment result.

4. Experience

While trying to obtain growth opportunities, the mistake is to focus on one metric and decide everything based on that metric. If you work on just one metric, your experience will enhance the performance of that particular one. Customers are not like company employees. So it is tricky to have an idea about customers’ thoughts. By recognizing quality metrics, you can decide if it is a valuable experience or not.

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Madson Sunglasses Classic And Other Beach Accessories To Keep Yourself In The Shade

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This means that whatever you choose must be cool and comfortable and also offer protection against the direct rays of the sun.

From innovated umbrellas and tents to Hansen headwear and glasses, here are the best beach accessories you can find in order to keep yourself in the coolness of the shade.


Umbrellas may be totally unnecessary for some, while it may mean the world in terms of sun protection for others. Whatever your preference is, it can’t be denied that the shade provided by beach umbrellas is a breath of relief. When you browse through the market of beach umbrellas, you may be shocked to see that there have been a lot of innovations to improve the quality of the umbrellas and the experience of being in the shade. Just goes to show how many others are irritated by the beach’s aridness to the point of innovating new designs for the umbrella.


If you’re not really into umbrellas, but instead like a cozier alternative, perhaps even something to spend the night in, maybe tents are the better choice for you. Tents provide you with the shade that sought-after shade like the umbrella, but with the added benefit of more privacy. These beach accessories are essential if you want to spend the whole day and night at the beach. Most designs available in the market today are easy to assemble and are much more durable, making them not only withstand the heat, but also the stronger winds.

Beach Towels

Though not necessarily an accessory that give you shade, with the exception of possibly holding it over your head, beach towels also help let the beach become more manageable. Beach towels are absorbent and durable, and some are large enough to become somewhat of picnic blankets for you to sit on. They help keep sand off of you, and keeps your bottom from being grilled from the sometimes-scorching sand.


If you just don’t have the budget for umbrellas and tents, you could just wear a hat. If provides you with shade, keeps your head cool, and it also has the added benefit of adding appeal and style to your beach outfit. Hats are fairly simple in their design and material composition. You can try wearing Hansen headwear if you’re finding good headwear to wear at the beach.


By far the smallest thing you can bring to the beach to protect you from the shade are sunglasses. They help your eyes from straining themselves from all the bright lights you expose them to at the beach. One of the best sunglasses in the market are the Madson sunglasses classic. They have frames that are injected molded for that lightweight comfort. Madson sunglasses classic also effectively protects your eye from harmful UV radiation with their Polarized Lenses Technology.

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Process Modeling: A Tool for Process Improvement

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What is process modeling?Process modeling is a creative tool that allows you to use data from your processes to guide and clarify your decisions on how to improve your processes. In practice, the role of a process modeler is to transform the history of data into a process model of your company. This model can be created by people (personally or subjectively) and built upon by machines (computer-based or manual). To best describe the role of a process modeler, imagine a carpenter. We’ve all seen his craftsmanship – it’s the nails in the wall and in the floor that hold together our lives.

So how does this help us apply process modeling to improve the management of our processes? What we are really doing is bringing all the data, all the problems, all the issues in our operations into one place.

What are the benefits of process modeling?Properly defining your business processes increases efficiency, lowers costs, improves the quality of your service to customers, and increases your profits. Your process modeling helps you to better understand and respond to your customers’ needs. By defining your process, you’ll be able to achieve better results and avoid missed opportunities. If your processes change, your new ones will be better planned and prepared.

How can you use process modeling to help your team?

By using process modeling you can increase the efficiency of your daily work as well as increase the quality of the output. Process modeling is also a great tool for training your team in order to increase your efficiency and boost your ability to achieve your objectives.

How to model your business processesThe primary goal of process modeling is to clarify how your business actually works, so that you can make better decisions about how to run your business. You don’t want to model processes that don’t need changing, but you do want to identify processes that you can improve.

As you go through the process of modeling a process, you should be focused on three key questions:

What is this process? What do we do with it? What is the desired outcome?

For this guide, I’ll be focusing on modeling a process for one of the most common topics in business: customer service. However, it should be fairly obvious how you could apply process modeling techniques to any business process you’re trying to improve.

How process modeling can help your business

The term process modeling really refers to the process of gathering information, classifying and analyzing this information, and then presenting this information in a format that allows a team of people who are working on a project to use this information to make improvements to the project.

From a software development perspective, process modeling can be used to generate software requirements that are capable of being developed and implemented effectively. Or, process modeling can be used to organize and analyze large data sets to help provide better insight to a team in terms of where to focus their work. BPM Consulting Process modeling can be used to validate that your tests are actually effective in dealing with the issues that your automated testing suite is designed to handle.

ConclusionIn the fast-paced world we live in, good business processes are more important than ever before. Good process modeling helps you to identify bottlenecks and hidden costs associated with your processes, leading to better results, shorter cycles, and more profits for your business

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