Determining If You Will Succeed In Network Marketing Depends On How You Answer This Question

“So, tell me… what do you do for living?”

How would you answer if a stranger asked you that question?

What you say will mark the first impression this stranger has of you and your network marketing business. Are you a professional with a confident clear answer? Or are you a hobbyist who basically apologizes for what you do? Would you answer with a hesitating “well, in my spare time… ?”

Your first impression is very important to your network marketing career and how fast your home based business will grow. You must act like the CEO of your business the day you start.

Here is an exercise that may help: Imagine being a CEO of a million dollar corporation… really think about it. Picture your big corner office, your big bank account, your pride in your company. Visualize how that makes you feel OK, now answer that stranger’s question: “what do you do for a living?”

In order to succeed in the MLM industry; you must believe in the industry first. Unfortunately, there is an industry stigma that all MLM businesses are sketchy. It’s only sketchy if the MLM company does not actually sell a product or a service. In that case, it’s not only sketchy but illegal!

Just like most of those who start a MLM business, I doubted the industry before I launched new career. I was afraid that people would think it was not professional, wouldn’t take me seriously and expect me to fail. Well, quite the opposite occurred.

After opening my mind and learning the ends and outs of my company’s business model, I fell in love with this profession. I can’t image why anyone would want a “real” job when this opportunity is available anytime. If you find the right company, with the right products and a step-by-step business plan, then all you need is consistent effort and time. Consistent effort on the correct activity, I should emphasize.

Network marketing, MLM, direct sales, referral marketing, party planning, etc are all businesses under the same umbrella. All legitimate companies are registered with the DSA – Direct Selling Association. The business models are essentially the same strategy: sell products to clients and sponsor other sales people to sell products to clients.

Most people are afraid to get started with a home based business because they do not want to pester their friends and family. I agree! When I have new consultants join my team, I don’t want them pestering their friends and family either – they represent MY company too.

Friends and family are great people to help you practice your new trade. Perfect your presentations and gather product testimonials from friends and family. Never pressure them to buy anything. It will be their referrals who launch you into income producing activity. If you pressure your friends and family, why in the world would they give you any referrals? Almost every person who is a part of my personal MLM business, I did not know before I started. You can effectively network in your day-to-day life with a little extra effort on your part to be more inquisitive, friendly, helpful and professional.

So, before you answer the question, “What do you do for a living?” learn what network marketing really means: building meaningful relationships with people you find by networking. Simply put: love and believe in what you do for a living and it will show in your poise, confidence and smile.

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